The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has implemented the project "Capacity Building for Criminal Justice Practitioners on Combating Cybercrime and Cyber-enabled Crime in South-Eastern Europe". The project aims at developing and enhancing the capacity of criminal justice institutions in South East Europe to investigate cybercrime, helping to detect and identify the digital information needed to resolve incidents and cybercrime. Countries that are represented with national trainers in these trainings are Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republic of Macedonia.

Each country participating in this project has selected two national trainers and experts from various sectors in the Prosecutor's Office, the Court and the State Police. Three national coaches were selected for Albania. AKCESK, as part of this project, has selected as a trainer Argena Prendi, a specialist in Emergency Response Monitoring and Response, at the Cyber ​​Security Directorate. All trainings have been held at the Academy of Security. The first phase of the project was the training of all national trainers and experts of the above mentioned sectors.

During this phase the following trainings were held:

 First Responder and Dealing Digital Evidence
 Dark Web and Virtual Currencies Basic
 Live Data Forensics
 Darknet and Cryptocurrencies Investigations
 Malware Investigation
 Transnational Organized Crime: Features and Dimensions of Modern Crime

The second phase of the project, which is in process, consists in the development of trainings by national trainers at local level for each country participating in this project. Currently, the first training at the local level is completed. For this training employees of the State Police were selected in the following sectors:

 Sector Against Narcotics
 Sector Against Trafficking
 Sector for Economic Crime
 Sector against Money Laundering and Assets
 Anti Corruption Sector
 Sector Against Crimes against the Person
 Sector Against Crime against Wealth
 Juvenile Sector and Domestic Violence

At a later stage, another training will be selected to be developed locally.