Within the International Secure Internet Day 2018, the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and CRCA Albania, organized the " Secure Internet Day " conference on February 6, 2018, at Tirana International Hotel.

The conference finalized the course of awareness activities conducted by AKCESK and the State Agency for the Protection of Children's Rights in some of the middle schools of the capital. The activities consisted of conversation with students during the course of Informatics, as well as advice on using the secure Internet. In this context, AKCESK conducted a questionnaire on the use of the Internet by children (time and pages that most frequently accessed) called "My Digital Trace". As expected, children spent 60% of their time visiting social networks, 20% educational sites and 20% online games.
The World Safe Internet Day in 2018 developed under the motto "Create, Connect and Respect: Safe Internet Starts From You", which is a call for action for government, civil society, internet industry, parents, teachers, etc. , to protect and raise awareness among children and adolescents of the risks of navigating the Internet.

To this end, to implement the Cooperation Agreement "On Online Children's Safety in Albania" signed in February 2016, between: Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, Ministry of Internal Affairs also signed an action plan with respective tasks for each of them, including AKCESK, as the regulatory authority for the cyber security field.

Also, during the activity, the potential online marketplace service providers (three mobile companies and three cable ISPs) signed an amending annex to the Code of Conduct "On the safe and responsible use of electronic communications networks and services in Albania ", Signed since 2013 by them. Changes in this code bring new commitments to ISPs, which will consist in policy making and their application in child protection on the Internet. Other tasks include: their involvement in national awareness raising campaigns; distribution of information through their sales points (leaflets, applications, verbal information of parents on applicable measures, etc.)

Protecting children from using unsafe internet is a duty of everyone, so each and every one of us, public authority, private company, teacher, and parent, is responsible for guiding children towards safe elections.