Regulatory security authorities in Albania and Kosovo, as well as service providers in this field, have gathered in Tirana on December 20 and 21, to hold a joint conference on "Information Security Challenges ICT Reality" topic .

In this conference, important legal and technical aspects were introduced, which regulate the field as well as the solutions provided by the operators of both countries. At this conference, the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, as one of the authorities with a very important and sensitive role in security issues, was introduced with "Policies and Tools for Creating a Safe Communication Environment", Considering as the most valuable component for managing cyber security incidents, as well as conducting secure electronic transactions in the domestic market, in order to ensure secure electronic interaction between public authorities and citizens, businesses, enhancing the effectiveness of public online services and private, business and electronic commerce.
Finally, the use of secure products (electronic identification, electronic signature, electronic seal, electronic transmission, electronic mail) and electronic document guarantees secure electronic communication in the virtual world in which society today is part of .
Building trust in the online environment is key to economic and social development.

The conference also marked a novelty in the cooperation between the two countries in this field, establishing communication bridges for further development and exchange of experiences between authorities and operators. "