On March 23, in cooperation with Durres Municipality, under the special care of the Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Mrs. Milena Harito, organized the activity with topic "Identification and electronic signature, ease to gain the public ".

The government's priority for modernizing and enhancing the quality of public services has led the attention of innovation agencies in the country, to the development of information technology, as an obligated direction very important in this way.
Providing public services in electronic format requires the use of secure tools to guarantee the electronic identity of citizens, one of which is electronic signature. Today in developed countries, many processes have been simplified with the use of electronic signatures, which are attached to a document by giving legal value same as the manually signed document . At this event, citizens of Durres was offered to receive free electronic identification and also the "card reader" devices used to conduct the electronic signature. The specialists of the National Authority for Electronic Certification and the experts of the Municipality of Durres have demonstrated to citizens how they can receive public services through electronic identification and signing.

-how to apply for a new business registration with electronic signature;

-how to apply and benefit an extract with an electronic signature;

-how to get a health card; 

-how to secure bank transactions through eID and e-signing;

-how to apply for an online construction permit, with electronic signature.

Demonstrated services are just some of the many services that are securely offered online for citizens and businesses, which have a significant impact on facilitating their lives.

Electronic signature can be used as a tool of data authentication in any electronic communication / transaction. It can be used in any electronic document, e-mail, online procurements, online signatures (in this case both parties must sign the same document), online commerce (e-commerce) and in the future in online governance (e- governing) etc. The use of electronic signatures also brings a significant improvement to the service; benefits increase of the transparency of online services; reduction of financial costs; productivity growth; higher security; delivery and receipt speed; reducing the cycle of an agreement and avoiding delays and obstacles; reduction of internal and external circulation time; every electronic document is automatically ranked by keeping them as simple as possible; providing better service to beneficiaries,

Currently in Albania about 600 thousand citizens are provided with qualified certificates that generate electronic signatures and about 4000 e-signing transactions are done.