In the context of improving the quality of public services, as one of the priorities of the government, referring to the regulatory legal framework that is already being completed with the recent amendments, the focus will be on developing these services online. Through the unique government portal, starting from November and onwards, all the services that appear in the application form will require the use of electronic identification and signatures by citizens.
In this context, the parties involved in this first activity, in particular AKSHI and ALEAT, with the quality of QTSP, play a major role due to the provision of citizens / employees of the administration with qualified certificates that generate electronic identification and signatures and enable their access to online services.
In the local plan, Elbasan municipality is a model municipality, in implementing online services to help citizens. For the moment, 9 electronic services are being tested by 60, which will soon be complete in function of the citizens.
The demonstration for public space usage permits, as we have just seen, is part of the big process of e-permissions, which is a service that includes a wide range of actors and since september 1 is just online.This initiative comes today as an obligation we have to the citizens to inform and raise awareness of the facilities that we are creating through secure infrastructure not only for this process, but also for the processes related to other online services that will continue with a very fast growth.