The government has as a priority to modernize and increase the quality of public services. The electronic format of providing these services is the only and the safest way to guarantee the electronic identity of citizens in the first place and to avoid corruption. In developed countries, many processes have been simplified with the use of electronic signatures, which are attached to a document by giving legal value same as the signed document manually.

After the cities of Elbasan and Durres, electronic signing and identification are presented in the city of Korça. Specialists of the National Authority for Electronic Certification and experts from the Municipality of Durres have demonstrated specifically for citizens how they can receive public services through electronic identification and signing. Attending the event were the State Minister of Innovation and Public Administration Milena Harito and the Mayor of Korça, Sotiraq Filo.

In her speech to citizens, Minister Harito said: "All the technology that is made available to the administration, to provide better services to the citizens is a tool to modernize the state and its functioning, to have transparent rules known from all, so that everyone can be the guard of the well-functioning of the state. The only way is the transparence that the rules that are said to be declared and respected by everyone and the technology is a tool in the service of this approach. "

The use of electronic signatures also brings a significant improvement of service; we gain increased transparency of online services; reduction of financial costs; productivity growth; higher security; delivery and pickup speed, etc. Currently in Albania around 600 thousand citizens are provided with qualified certificates that generate electronic signature and only during 2017 were carried out a total of about 5000 transactions with electronic signatures.