On January 31, in the "Pavaresia" square, AKCE, in cooperation with the Vlora Municipality, under the specal care of the Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Mrs. Milena Harito, organized the activity woth topic "Identification and electronic signature, ease to benefit the public services".

In this activity, live demonstrations were presented for receiving some online public services from citizens and businesses and more specifically:

-how to apply for a new business registration with electronic signature;

-how to apply and benefit an extract with an electronic signature ;

how to get a health card; 

-how to secure bank transactions through eID and e-signing;

-how to apply for an online construction permit, with electronic signature.

Demonstrated services are just some of the many services that are securely offered online for citizens and businesses, which have a significant impact on facilitating their lives.

This service transformation, in this contemporary approach, comes as a great work of the government to the public sector and a spirit cooperation with the private sector, to provide quality services to citizens, saving them time and financial costs while ensuring transparency and efficiency.

The use of online services is closely related to the use of electronic identification and signing as the only guarantee of your identity in the virtual world, so it's time for us to embrace innovation!