Questions and Answers

Question: What is an Electronic Signature?
Answer: An electronic signature is an electronic verification tool.This term is usually defined as a verification of the holder's identity and the signed data.

Question: What does Electronic Signature server for? 
Answer: The electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the data and ensures the confidentiality of the electronic document content.. Also, the electronic signature serves to prohibit the duplication of an electronic document by unauthorized persons.

Question: What are Qualified Certificates?
Answer: Qualified certificates are certificates issued by Certification Service Providers. They are attached to the electronic signature and attach it to the holder of this signature, confirming the latter's identity. Certificates are public and can be found on each Certification Service Provider's official website.

Question: What is the legal validity of electronic signatures? 
Answer: The electronic document, which contains the name of the signatory and his qualified signature, has the same legal validity and probative force as the written document.

Question: Where should we address to possess an electronic signature?
Answer: Qualified electronic signatures and qualified certificates are issued by the Certification Service Provider registered at the National Authority for Electronic Certification (NAEC). A list of Certification Service Providers can be found on the official website of the National Authority for Electronic Certification,

Question: What are the Certification Service Providers?
Answer: Certification Service Providers are legal or natural people who issue qualified certificates and qualified time stamps.

Question: What is the Qualified Time Stamp?
Answer: It is a tool that confirms that electronic data is displayed at a certain time.