Organizational Structure

The National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security is a national institution comprised of 24 employees in two departments, as follows:

1. Electronic Certification and Control Department
2. AL-CSIRT Department
The Department of Electronic Certification and Control consists of three sectors, the Accreditation and Policy Sector, the Control Sector and the Communication and Distribution Information Sector.
The Accreditation and Policy Sector is responsible for conducting registration and accreditation procedures for legal or natural persons that will provide Qualified Trust Service Provider.
The Audit Sector is responsible for periodic audits and inspectations of Qualified Trusted Service Providers and Critical/Important information infrastructures.
The AL-CSIRT Department is comprised of two sectors, the Cyber Incident Monitoring Sector and the Cyber Incident Management Sector.
The Cyber Incident Monitoring Sector is responsible for monitoring the incidents in the area of cyber security.
The Cyber Incident Management Sector is responses to incidents in the area of cyber security. The Finance and Support Services Sector is responsible for financial affairs and human resources.