Entities that will perform the activity of electronic certification service must register at the Authority before or immediately upon commencement of the activity.During the enrollment, the certification service provider provides the necessary evidence to prove the fulfillment of the conditions set out in the Law. AKCE maintains a list of all subjects that perform or have performed this activity. In the certification process, AKCE is assisted by the Testing and Confirmation Orginazation. TCO(OTK) may be any subject that meets the conditions set forth in the Law, Regulations and Guidelines. TCO(OTK) tests and confirms those processes that AKCE can not perform. The list of KTAs recognized and registered with the Authority is found by clicking on the Register.


Law 9880/2009 , Law 107/2015 , and the Electronic Signature Regulation clearly state all the steps that are being pursued to provide electronic certification, testing and confirmation services, or to provide electronic certificates.


Also, in the Guidelines section, guidance material is published that deploys in a simpler language the Law, Regulations, and other guidelines.