AKCE in cooperation with Aleat have organized a long training cycle for administration employees on the electronic signature service to increase the capacity of public administration staff to efficiently use this service.
We, as an administration, have the task to embrace and implement developments in the field of information technology, using secure and guaranteed tools to open and facilitate the interaction with the private sector as an important post for the state, in order to facilitate the lives of citizens.
Technology and information science provides us to apply electronic processes in the field of public services. A secure and guaranteed tool is the Identity Card, which recently comes as a service card for citizens.
Electronic Services reduce distances for all albanians - Through information technology, all citizens have the opportunity to benefit from public and private services, regardless of how far away they are from the service centers. - a very good opportunity to bring closer the rural areas. Reducing time and distance facilitates communication between administration and citizens, the daily work of farmers and each of us by offering the ease and maximal quality of the public services.