General Director

Bio Prof. Assoc. Dr. Igli Tafa

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Igli Tafa is the General Director of the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security of Albania (NAECCS) and National Coordinator for Cyber Security. He has extensive expertise, developed through a rich career, in higher education institutions, private sector organizations and public institutions.

In the last decade, Mr. Tafa has carried out scientific research, training and awareness activities for different target groups, on cyber security and cyber threat management, including participation in projects at national and regional level, and broader.

Before joining NAECCS, Igli Tafa has held various positions related to cyber risk assessment, security systems engineering, application layer security and incident response. He holds a Phd degree in Virtualization Systems in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Tirana and additional prestigious international certifications in the field of cyber security.

The passion for promoting cybersecurity education has ensured his continued success. His mission is to harness the knowledge and experience to empower individuals, organizations and strengthen national security, using best practices and the highest professional standards as the foundation towards securing the digital economy.








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