Western Balkans Cyber Camp – Invited to speak on panels were representatives of national CSIRTs and academia from the 6 economies of the Western Balkans.

NACS had the pleasure of having representatives of national CSIRTs and academia from the 6 economies of the Western Balkans as guests on panels. The first panel reflected a general panorama of cyber security in the region with a special focus on youth inclusion policies.  Mr. Ilir Daka, representative of the Albanian national CSIRT, Mrs. […]

NAECCS participating in the 4th edition “UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship”

On April 22-27, the 4th edition of the “UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship” took place in Singapore. This event was organized by Singapore’s National Cyber Security Agency (CSA) in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and the National University of Singapore. The UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship brought together 23 representatives from UN Member States. […]

NAECCS was invited to the seminar: “Security of Critical Infrastructures in the Republic of Moldova – from Defense to Resilience”

AKCESK was invited to the seminar on “Critical Infrastructure Security in the Republic of Moldova – from Defense to Resilience” on April 26 in Chisinau, Moldova supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova and the EU Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova. The seminar addressed topics related to cyber security challenges in […]

NAECCS held the next CTF at the Faculty of Economics

NAECCS staff, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana, held the next awareness session with students of the Informatics-Economics program. During this meeting, students were introduced to the challenges and risks in cyber security, as well as developed their technical skills through a dedicated Capture the Flag platform. To ensure […]

Round Table on Protecting Children on the Internet

NAECCS, with the support of UNICEF, initiated the Round Table on “Interinstitutional Cooperation for the Protection of Children on the Internet”. This meeting was attended by Mrs. Nina Guga Deputy Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Alma Tandili Chairperson of ASHDMF, representatives from UNICEF, State Police, State Social Service, Alo 116 111, Ministry of Health […]

UAE Cyber Security Council honored the winners of the Global Competition – Albania in first place

With the conclusion of the final day’s activities of the GISEC Global 2024 conference and exhibition, the UAE Cyber Security Council honored the winners of the cybersecurity exercises aimed at fortifying global cybersecurity capabilities, enhancing international cooperation, boosting readiness to counter emerging cyber threats, and improving incident response capabilities to protect critical infrastructure sectors.   […]

First Webinar on “Social Engineering Awareness”

The first webinar on Social Engineering Awareness was a rich source of information and insights, including a detailed overview of challenges and solutions in the digital world. The extraordinary participation showed a great interest in the topic and the importance of training in this regard. In our continuous path to personal and professional development, such […]

Albania a Step Closer to Global Cyber Security

NAECCS becomes a member of FIRST NAECCS’s membership in FIRST marks a key moment in the development of Albania’s cyber security capacities. The Global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is the premier organization and global leader in incident response. Membership in FIRST enables incident response teams to more effectively respond to security […]